We’re excited to announce that Roast is now available for commercial use! Roast is a web-based application that puts occupant comfort and building performance data at your fingertips, helping you create, manage, and analyze occupant comfort surveys.

Roast is an essential component of a building performance toolkit and can be used by designers, engineers, researchers, human resource officers, building and facility managers, and anyone else seeking a complete, spatial picture of occupant comfort. To help you get the most out of our innovative app, we hosted a three-part webinar series that introduces Roast, highlights an in-depth case study, and outlines comfort survey best practices. Watch the recordings below to see how easy it is to get started. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ or Contact Us.

Introduction to Roast

Designers, engineers, researchers, building owners, and facility managers all find themselves asking the same question: Are my building’s occupants comfortable? Roast gets to the heart of this issue with customizable surveys that use pre-loaded questions to measure comfort across a variety of factors. This webinar introduces Roast with a complete demonstration outlining each of the app’s features as well as how Roast can answer specific building performance questions and meet LEED requirements.

Roast Use Case: Ortlieb’s Bottling House

Roast was initially developed to monitor occupant comfort in the renovated beer bottling plant Philadelphia-based architecture firm KieranTimberlake converted into a mixed-mode office building. This webinar explores how Roast was used to collect data, analyze building performance, communicate findings, and make targeted decisions, including capital improvements, to maximize occupant comfort and minimize energy consumption. This webinar is a must for those interested in learning the details of one the longest running longitudinal building occupant comfort studies.

Best Practices for Post-Occupancy Evaluation Surveys

Conducting a survey can be challenging. Figuring out what questions to ask, when to send out the survey, how long the survey period should last, and how to maximize participation are key to generating accurate, actionable information. This webinar outlines industry best practices as well as KieranTimberlake’s own lessons learned to help you optimize your survey.