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About Us

Roast is a workplace comfort survey that lets you assess, manage, and improve comfort inside the workplace to maximize building performance and employee productivity. It was developed by a team of inquisitive researchers and improved upon by a transdisciplinary team of software engineers, graphic designers, writers, thermal comfort experts, building scientists, and a whole lot of opinionated test subjects.

We want to help the people who own and manage buildings, and the people who design the spaces in them to know if their occupants are comfortable and empower them to create comfortable indoor environments that save energy. Everyone deserves a comfortable building, and if a building isn’t comfortable, it isn’t sustainable.

That’s the long version. The short vision is this.

• Survey questions cover seven dimensions of indoor comfort
• Questions are informed by best practices and industry standards
• Roast works in any building, regardless of the systems and controls
• No special expertise is needed to administer Roast surveys
• Users create surveys in minutes, and get feedback immediately

Reasons to Roast

Employee comfort matters to productivity and your bottom-line.

You’ve seen employees wear sweaters in the summer and crack office windows in the winter. You’re aware that workplace discomfort exists, but did you know that it’s leading to higher operating costs, unhappy employees, and a higher carbon footprint? Roast is a workplace comfort survey that lets you assess building comfort by recording perceived temperatures, brightness, noise levels, and more, giving you the data needed to improve building performance and employee productivity.

Workplaces should adapt to people, not the other way around.

Every workplace is different, with open or closed floorplans, natural or artificial light, accessible electricity and more. But that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to its quirks. Through proven questions about comfort level, Roast captures and maps feedback onto your building’s floorplan, visualizing comfort so you can identify trends to make informed improvements. Whether you’re a building owner, facility manager, or HR professional, Roast will make your building work for you.

It’s time to change the “too-hot, too-cold” conversation.

Roast was founded by a team of architects s and researchers determined to change the “too-hot, too-cold” conversations that consumed our office walls. We combined our building-science-savvy with the art of design to create a survey that would pinpoint our team members’ comfort needs. The data changed the way our workplace functioned, and we’ve been sharing the benefits of comfort science with building owners, facility managers, and HR staff ever since.

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