Workplace Comfort Survey

No two buildings are the same. Why manage them that way?

Roast is a workplace comfort survey that lets you assess, manage, and improve comfort inside the workplace.

How does it work?

Build Your Survey

Choose from a curated list of questions and answers influenced by ASHRAE and other building industry standards. Questions cover everything from temperature and humidity to air quality and movement, light and noise levels, cleanliness, and productivity.

Customize Responses

Tailor surveys to your building with additional factors that identify the root causes of discomfort, such as an underperforming heater, glare from a window, construction work outside, and more. Choose from a pre-populated list or create your own to fit your building’s specific needs.

Upload a Floorplan

Unlike other surveys, Roast maps responses on a floorplan of your space so that you can identify trends and problem areas at a glance. Don’t have a floorplan file ready? No sweat. You can upload a picture of an evacuation plan or even a hand-drawn outline.

Track Results

View, analyze, and share results directly in the app. Filter results by date, time, or question, and choose whether to see them in a graph or on a floorplan. Roast paints a complete picture of how people experience your building so that you can make targeted adjustments on the fly.

Why do I need it?

Improve employee productivity.

Increase productivity

Improve employee focus, activity, and cognitive function by as much as 44%.

Increase satisfaction

Address complaints quickly and efficiently and show employees that their comfort matters.

Maximize building performance.

Lower utility bills.

Customize your building’s climate to lower your carbon footprint and costs—every 1 °F change in your set point can reduce your energy bill as much as 10%.

Identify maintenance issues fast

Pinpoint specific problem areas and be the first to know when systems aren’t working as they should.

How much does it cost?



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