We’ve broken down the question “How are you feeling today?” into a science.

We know how temperamental buildings can be. Our team works in an office that relies largely on passive heating and cooling strategies, and we’ll be the first to admit that sometimes we sweat, sometimes we shiver, and a lot of times we complain. That’s why we developed Roast, a web-based application that lets you create, manage, and analyze occupant comfort surveys so that you can make informed improvements.

We’ve used Roast in our own office building to help figure out when we should stop complaining and start hauling out the floor fans, opening the windows, or reaching for a sweater. With detailed survey data that includes individual location, activity level, clothing, and general feelings of comfort, you can canvas and analyze exactly how the people in your building are feeling. Your data can be logged, stored, and shared within the easy-to-use app so that you can identify problem areas, choose the right building systems setpoints, and make targeted improvements. Whether you’re a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) pro or a newcomer to the world of thermal comfort, Roast’s pre-populated questions and answers are influenced by ASHRAE 55 and other comfort standards so that your surveys are effortlessly professional and scientifically accurate.

To solve the common problem of occupancy discomfort, we’ve broken down the question “How are you feeling today?” into a science. And whatever you do with the data, we know firsthand that sometimes it’s just nice to be asked.

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