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Building Owner

A comfortable tenant is a happy tenant. Roast records and maps feedback onto a floorplan of your building, giving you insight into tenant satisfaction, maintenance issues, potential improvements, and more.

Reduce Tenant Turnover

Address complaints quickly and efficiently and show current and prospective tenants that their comfort matters.

Identify Maintenance Issues

Pinpoint specific problem areas and be the first to know when systems aren’t working as they should.

Collect and Share Feedback

Create, schedule, and send surveys and analyze and share results all within the same intuitive app.

Lower Utility Bills

Lower your carbon footprint and costs—every 1 °F change in your set point can reduce your energy bill by as much as 10%.

Encourage Communication

Give employees a constructive outlet for their comfort complaints.

Improve Building Performance

Identify trends and adjust building system set points based on feedback to reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

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The Case for Comfort: Improving Productivity with Comfort Surveys

It’s no secret that productive employees drive competitive companies. But many offices overlook employee comfort in their day-to-day operations despite a growing body of peer-reviewed research that shows the happiest, healthiest, and most productive employees are also the most comfortable ones.

The first step in improving comfort, and consequently increasing productivity, is understanding what factors contribute to people’s perception of a space and how their perceptions change over time. This article outlines these factors and makes the case for why comfortable buildings are well worth the investment.

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